December 2015 calendar

Metablog – December 2015

The last month of the year is always a busy one for me – my birthday, Yule, Christmas and the new year always conspire to steal away my time, which is why I don’t mind doing nothing over these few weeks. It always feels like a holiday – and, following the mad rush of Etsy Made Local in the first week, it felt like a well-deserved one.

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November 2015 calendar

Metablog – November 2015

A very overdue post for November due to a lack of home computing – I’m currently sitting at a friend’s house doing some end-of-year ‘hot-desking’ and trying to make my way through what’s turned into a significant to-do list over the past couple of weeks. Oddly enough, it’s made me realise how dependent I’ve become on having a computer to do things, and how much Internet access contributes to the achievement of many of the creative aspects of my life.

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October 2015 calendar

Metablog – October 2015

October felt as though it went by even quicker than most other months have done so far this year. It was a month full of change, but so much has stayed the same. Isn’t that how it always goes, though? I’ve kept thinking back to what I wrote last month about seeing people do the very things I want to do, speaking creatively and professionally, and worrying about finding the commitment and motivation to to the same.

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September 2015 calendar

Metablog – September 2015

I realise, writing this post, that September was the one-year anniversary of this blog. I should be celebrating (I think), but all I can do is look at what I believe is a pretty meagre archive full of half-finished projects and series and feel a little despondent. There’s nothing in me that wants to stop writing or get rid of this, but I am wondering what the next 12 months will hold.

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June calendar

Metablog – June 2015

June left me absolutely exhausted – but in a good way. After my nine-to-five, I came home and worked on bits and pieces for The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium: Etsy Craft Party 2015, Etsy Made Local 2015, the Southsea Night Markets… People often underestimate exactly how much time things like these take. It meant that pretty much everything else went on the back burner, but I still managed to find the time for a couple of posts on here…

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Pixelated computer

An opportunity made isn’t always one that should be taken.

As I was putting my lamentations into words for my previous post, about being unable to approach a beautiful stranger and try to get his telephone number or give him mine, I discussed the events with friends online; they asked me whether or not I’d thought about trying to find his man, to use the technology at my disposal to create an opportunity to meet him once again. When I said that I hadn’t, they took it upon themselves to try and help create this for me.

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Portsmouth Pride 2015

Regret hurts as much as rejection; take every chance.

Back in April, I wrote about how, after being single six months, I was ready to meet people. I spoke about the ‘queer fairytale’ of offline LGBTQIA dating, and how I’d rather stay single than find someone online again. Well, an opportunity presented itself just the other day for me to at least approach, in real life, someone I found really attractive and find out whether he was a) single and b) interested. And I completely fucked it up.

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May calendar

Metablog – May 2015

I can’t believe I’ve made it halfway through the month without being able to sit down and find the 30 minutes I typically need to write one of these metablog posts. I’m sure there have been little pockets of time I could have put to better use, but having not yet felt ‘in the zone’ to do this, I guess it’s OK. I’m happy that I’m remembering to take the time to write these posts, as they really are helping me, at the very least, not forget about this blog.

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